Training professionals in the pharmaceutical industry

Providing over 45 years of experience in GMP.

We offer a wide range of specialized courses that cover the most current needs in the industry. The success of the courses is guaranteed as they are taught by prestigious professionals and focus on providing solutions to real problems.


Business success through training

We have detected throughout more than 45 years in the sector, that the problems that arise in the production centers or resulting from the audits are usually not necessarily a consequence of ignorance, but rather of inadequate management and application of acquired knowledge.
Throughout our history, we have provided feasible solutions and new concepts for world leaders in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. In these sectors, practical training is a key factor, as it allows quick tangible results.
For this reason, at STE, we believe that an adequate knowledge transfer is essential, so that all the teams involved in the industry apply and comply with the regulations in their day-to-day work, without this entailing extra time or costs. On balance, having fully skilled staff is economically advantageous for the company.


Reducción errores frecuentes

Greater ease when audited

Decrease in problem severity

Greater staff motivation

Higher company’s efficiency

Up-to-date training for everyone

Thanks to our team and wide experience, we offer quality consultancy services to all professionals in the pharmaceutical industry and in GMP environments.

We are passionate about our profession. We want to share our knowledge with the training attendees to contribute to the future of our sector. Our courses are aimed at professionals in the pharmaceutical sector, students and, in general, companies.


Company staff

  • Quality control managers
  • Operations and manufacturing managers
  • Qualification and validation managers
  • Engineering and automation staffde ingeniería y automatización


Customized and practical training

  • In-company training for pharmaceutical companiesin-company a para empresas del sector farmacéutico
  • Focused on solving the specific needs of the companies’ different processesa resolver a las necesidades concretas de los diferentes procesos de su empresa


The future of the industry