For professionals in cleanroom environments

We offer customized training adapted to the company’s needs. Our expertise in the sector allows us to create result-oriented training experiences based on the current regulations.
The success of the courses is guaranteed as they are taught by prestigious professionals and focus on providing solutions to real problems.


Adapted to the company’s day-to-day operations

Training focused on solving real issues

We design complete training programs from a practical approach. In-company training courses improve the staff knowledge and skills required by the company. They also ensure the active participation of the attendees and feeling at ease, since the sessions are carried out in a familiar environment with their co-workers.

The courses can have different duration depending on the topic, the attendees, or the company’s needs. They can be occasional, specific courses, or we can create an itinerary to be taught during a specific period of time, both online and face-to-face.

The objective is to improve the managers’ and employees’ knowledge and skills without having to leave the workplace.

  1. Contact us

    Fill in the form and our team of experts will contact you shortly.

  2. We design the training plan

    We focus on your company’s needs, solving practical day-to-day real cases, based on GMP standards.

  3. We present our In-Company plan proposal

    We implement effective and practical methodologies to contribute to improving your work teams.

  4. We agree on the schedule and conditions of the program

    We start by improving and developing staff skills.

In-Company training advantages

For the pharmaceutical sector

Completely customized

The course content is designed to meet the needs of your business and processes, focusing on solving your problems in a practical way.

General training

Having most of your staff properly trained makes a qualitative difference in quality and work methods. This means a higher efficiency in the company.

Continuous support

After each course, our expert instructors will provide you with the necessary support to put the learning into practice. Contact us at to receive more information and a quotation.