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We design training activities aimed at solving specific issues identified in users and workers in the pharmaceutical industry.


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Thanks to our team and experience, we offer quality consultancy for all professionals in the pharmaceutical industry.

We have a multidisciplinary team that provides 360º response in GMP environments.

We are experts in the different subject areas, moved by passion for our profession. We want to convey our knowledge to the training attendees to contribute to the future of the sector.

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24-hour training

“All courses” pack

“All courses” Pack. -Documentation and Data Integrity
- Evolution of GMP general forms
- Evolution of GMP sterile forms
- Risk analysis and risk management
- Keys to starting a pharmaceutical project

All courses

12-hour training, combined at your choice

12-hour pack

With this pack, you will obtain a 5% discount on all courses. You can combine the courses the way you want, as long as you do not exceed 12 teaching hours. Options:
- three 4-hour courses
-two 6-hour courses

12-hour training

June 2022 - 4h

GMP Evolution: Adapt to WHO Report 37 (general forms)

This course analyzes the changes introduced in the GMP regulations guidelines published by WHO in 2003 (Report 37, TRS nº908, Annex 4), with respect to the previous version in 1992 (Report 32, TRS nº 823, Annex 1).

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September 2022 - 4h

GMP Evolution: Adapt to WHO Report 45 (sterile forms)

This course analyzes the changes introduced in the GMP regulations guidelines published by WHO in 2011 (Report 45, TRS nº961, Annex 3), with respect to the previous version in 2003 (Report 37, TRS nº 908, Annex 4).

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Coming soon 2022 - 6h

How to carry out a good risk analysis

Master the Pharmaceutical Risk Analysis philosophy and methodology, to apply it to GMP. Do we want more "risk analysis" paper files, or turn them into a tool to avoid problems in production operations and, specifically, in inspections?

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Coming soon 2022 - 4h

Keys to start a pharmaceutical project

New pharmaceutical installation projects are not very usual in any company, so carrying them out can arise many questions. Therefore, it is extremely useful to know how they should be approached, and what aspects must be considered when defining the project needs to avoid cost overruns.

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Coming soon - 6h

Documentation and Data Integrityy Data Integrity

Decisions are made based on data, and therefore it is necessary to ensure that they are reliable and comply with GMP.

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Who are our courses for?

We teach following a complete training program

The training courses are based on applying the concepts in practical cases. At the end of the course, the student will receive a diploma, previous passing a general test.

The duration of the courses varies depending on the subject area. The trainings are held on (UTC-5). los Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. .

Attendees will need a computer or a suitable device with good internet connection. The use of headphones (with a microphone) is recommended, as the sessions are interactive. The course documentation will be sent at the end of the course.
Our courses are aimed at:


Company Staff

  • Quality control managers
  • Operations and manufacturing managers
  • Qualification and validation managers
  • Engineering and automation staff


Customized and practical training

  • In-company training for pharmaceutical companies
  • Focused on solving the specific needs of the companies’ different processes


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