STE Training Calendar

We continue with our training program with two novelties.
At STE Engipharm, we are constantly evolving to keep up with the needs arising within the biomedical industry.
We want to adapt to the needs of professionals in the pharmaceutical sector, and that is why we have enabled different packs and course formats, and dates. For this reason, in addition to the single courses, we offer two training packages, the “All courses” pack, which includes all the courses that take place during the year, and the “12 hours” pack.

“All courses” Pack

Continuous training is essential for the pharmaceutical sector if we want to have proper-trained personnel. For this reason, at STE Engipharm, we give you access to all our annual training with a 10% discount on the standard price with our “All courses pack“. This package guarantees attendance at all courses held until December 2022, including:

Pack “12 hours”

Por otro lado también ofrecemos la posibilidad de combinar los cursos que más te interesen con nuestro “Pack 12 horas“. Así, podrás elegir los cursos que mejor se adapten a tus necesidades y combinarlos a tu manera para impulsar tu carrera y desarrollo profesional.

Con este pack puedes optar por las siguientes combinaciones:

  • three 4-hour courses (e.g., GMP Evolution (general forms) + GMP Evolution (sterile forms) + Keys to start a pharmaceutical project)
  • two 6-hour courses (e.g., Documentation and Data Integrity + How to carry out a good risk analysis)

The key: In-company training

We know each company and department is different. For this reason, we offer training programs that are 100% adapted to your organization and working methodology.
The training can be online, live, or face-to-face, and is based on the day-to-day operations of the company, so the objective is to solve real issues.

In-company training improves the knowledge and skills specifically requested by the company. They also ensure the active participation of the attendees and feeling at ease, since the sessions are carried out in a familiar environment with their co-workers.

Do you want to sign up?

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