STE Engipharm in the Andean region: meet Dayan Herrera.

Today we introduce you to one of the key members in the development and establishment of STE Engipharm in LATAM, specifically in the Andean subsidiary. His name is Dayan Herrera and he is the Operations Supervisor for the region. He is in charge of the technical part supervising all the operations of STE Engipharm SAS.
He is an Electromechanical Engineer from the Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano in Medellín. Subsequently, he specialized in Maintenance Management and Project Management at the Universities of Antioquia and EAFIT respectively.
He joined the STE Engiphram team in December 2018, with a first project in the city of Barranquilla as site manager. He has worked on several projects among which Pharmacielo, Farmacápsulas or Tecnoquímicas in Cali, where the soft capsule plant was successfully executed and the high volume solids plant is in process.
The strengthening of the subsidiary in Colombia, the appearance of new projects, together with his good performance, have allowed Dayan to acquire greater responsibility and he is currently in charge of two Construction Managers, one in Medellín and the other in Cali.

Consolidation of the Andean subsidiary

STE Engipharm has consolidated during the last years as a reference in pharmaceutical engineering in the Andean Region and, especially, in Colombia. This has been possible thanks, on the one hand, to our technical expertise and methodology and, on the other hand, to the availability of local teams and highly qualified personnel.

Dayan is proud to have been part of the subsidiary’s growth in the Andean Region. Today, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru are served from Cali. STE Engipharm SAS, whose representative and Area Manager is Leonark Gaviria, has a financial, organizational and technical structure that favors the growth and execution of projects. The robust structure and organization of the subsidiary controls and provides technical support to all customers. In addition, as in the rest of them, we have our own assembly personnel and equipment.

As Operations Supervisor at STE, Dayan has had the opportunity to work in several countries and with companies in the demanding and exclusive pharmaceutical industry. He has been able to see firsthand how doing a good job and building relationships based on trust can be achieved.

Always close to our customers

Having subsidiaries in all the regions where we are present allows us to offer a quality and totally customized service. From the subsidiary in the Andean Region, we offer support to all our customers in the area: Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. In addition, we have our own warehouse in Cali, so that the products are supplied with agility, both in Colombia and in the rest of the countries in the region.

Currently, Dayan’s team is in charge of the execution of a pharmaceutical laboratory project in Antioquia. It is led by one of its site managers and the team is made up of 8 people from the paneling group, 8 from the ductwork group and 4 who are in charge of the electrical assembly.

This project consists of 8 independent HVAC ventilation systems, each with its own classification. To execute it, it was divided into two stages: systems 7 and 8 would be carried out with priority since the laboratory area had to be migrated in order to demolish the old one; the rest of the HVAC systems, from 1 to 6, are scheduled to be delivered in September.

In conclusion, the key to our track record is to have a multidisciplinary team that controls all phases of the project in each region where we have a presence. Having specialized personnel at all stages of the process (design, construction management, installation execution, commissioning and qualification) allows us to guarantee the success of turnkey projects.

Our purpose, with the work of Dayan Herrera and the rest of the team, is to continue leading the Andean Region making STE Engipharm grow from our subsidiary in Cali. We work with the premise of providing a high quality service to our loyal customers as well as to new ones.

If you have a project for which you need advice or would like to make an inquiry, we invite you to contact us through this form or directly at +57 314 5127322.

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