New service: STE training

We are very proud to announce one of STE Engipharm novelty for this year, the launch of a training program for professionals in the pharmaceutical sector.

It is thanks to being over 45 years in the sector that we know the problems arisen in the production units, whether during operations or because of audits, are not always consequence of a lack of knowledge, but of an inadequate management and not applying existing knowledge logically. That is where practical training enables you to reach tangible results quickly.

This is why at STE Engipharm we believe that good knowledge transmission is indispensable in order for the teams involved in the pharmaceutical production to be trained adequately, to apply and comply with the regulations in the day-to-day at work, without representing extra time or costs. Ultimately, counting with properly trained staff is an economic advantage for the company.
Our specialized pharmaceutical courses, are taught by highly experienced and prestigious professionals. Our courses are aimed to all kinds of technicians and directors. Being aware that the needs in training vary according to the different positions in the company, we can provide general courses and specialized courses.

We count with an online training program open to registrations, but we also offer the possibility to take in-company courses. These are customized courses aimed at companies, based on their day-to-day operations, and according to their schedule needs, attendees… The courses last according to the content, the attendees, or the company’s needs. It could be a specific course, or we could design a customized training program taught throughout a certain period of time.

We invite you to take a look at our first course, Documentation and Data Integrity, which starts online on March 19, 2022.
For further information, contact us at formaciones@stegroup.com or call +34603447396.