STE Engipharm with sports in Paraguay

At STE Engipharm we are committed to sport and health.

For this reason, in 2021 we started our sponsorship of the squash team created by our Area Manager Juan Conde together with employees of companies with which we collaborate closely in Paraguay.

The tournaments are organized by the Paraguayan Squash Association and they practice at the National Sports Secretariat (SND) in Asunción, which also provides them with all the necessary equipment to train comfortably. This sport has been practiced in the country since the 1980s. It is currently very popular in the business world because it is considered “therapeutic”. It involves people of all ages, helps to lower stress levels and improve mental health.

The team will wear a specially designed kit, with the STE Engipharm logo, in two models.

One of our objectives for this year is to increase our participation so that this and other sports tournaments can continue to be held. It is important to promote, in addition to healthy lifestyle habits, good relations among workers in the sector to strengthen and maintain the country’s business fabric active.

We take this opportunity to encourage all our customers to participate in this wonderful sport.

Let’s go, team!