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4º Cleanroom Design & Engineering Forum

The 4th edition of the Cleanroom Design & Engineering Forum organized by TBM Group will be held on January 27-28. This interactive online conference enables engineers, architects, suppliers and other industry professionals to meet annually to address the challenges of the industry in creating increasingly innovative clean environments.

This edition of Cleanroom Design & Engineering Forum is articulated from a perspective of sustainability and energy efficiency and will address the latest trends in cleanroom design, automation technologies or new regulatory challenges facing the sector. And of course, we will also analyze the changes and new needs that have arisen after the Covid crisis, both at the market level and in terms of safety and cleanroom design.

Our more than 45 years of experience in the sector show us that the pharmaceutical industry is becoming more and more stringent in its manufacturing processes. As a result, the design and engineering challenges faced by engineers to ensure regulatory compliance while meeting customer needs are increasing.

As a company specializing in cleanroom environments, it is our duty to keep abreast of the latest developments in the industry and cutting-edge technologies in order to offer our customers the best design and construction solutions. Therefore, the STE Engipharm and SICH Cleanrooms team will not miss the lectures and debates of the 4th edition of the Cleanroom Design & Engineering Forum.