Pharmaceutical engineering specialised in high activity plants, sterile products, biotechnology, dry, liquid and topical forms.

Engineering projects specialised in: high power, parenterals, biotechnology, R&D, microbiology and quality control, general form plants.

Our engineering focuses on the design of all the specialities: civil engineering, structures, clean rooms, air systems, auxiliary installations, fluids, dust collection, electricity, access control, fire fighting, sizing of pharmaceutical process technology installations, packaging, and legalization. We offer a complete service: EPC, EPCM, construction management, audits and consultancy, executions, after sales, training and maintenance contracts. 

The conceptual engineering project phase serves to identify the technical and economic feasibility of the project, and how we can set the course for the development of basic and detailed engineering. Our long experience in the pharmaceutical industry, and consolidated knowledge in GMP / FDA allows us to conduct a preliminary study (feasibility study) and a definition of the requirements of the conceptual engineering project, always focused on the needs of the customer. This includes the engineering documents that define the global and conceptual scope of the engineering project, including the type of technology and equipment specifications to be used. 

 The Documentation of the conceptual engineering project:
  • Overall project definition
  • Global project
  • Engineering project – Building + installations
  • Process and production machinery project
  • Product types – Annual production
  • Production processes
  • Basic and/or detailed project appraisal
  • Basic and/or detailed project planning
  • Offer of other services
  • Technical Feasibility
  • Economic Feasibility
  • Risk Analysis
  • Indicative time frame with activities, resources, times and milestones

The basic engineering design phase is generally associated with an economic and financial feasibility study: for one or two solutions that emerge as the most suitable in the previous phase, details of the design are given including field studies, especially of a topographical, geological, geotechnical, hydrological and hydraulic nature. In the engineering project, details are provided of the unit costs of the materials and of the different construction phases. This process serves to provide a project cost estimate closer to reality.  

The Documentation for preparing a basic engineering project:
  • Design bases and criteria (validation and verification of the Conceptual Engineering).
  • Definition of the definitive functional requirements.
  • Flow Diagrams of Principal and Auxiliary Processes (personnel and materials).
  • Definitive designs including calculations (of all the specialties involved in the project).
  • Description of the process and philosophy of the definitive Operation and Control.
  • Definitive Requirements for Complementary Goods and Services.
  • Definitive major equipment specifications (As-Built documentation and engineering plans for each system).
  • Piping and instrumentation diagrams.
  • Implementation Layout.
  • Specifications of scope of construction by discipline.
  • Specification sheets for instruments, equipment and inputs.
  • Detailed layouts.
  • Control system specifications.
  • Control system architecture.
  • Cost assessment for whole project +15%.

A detailed engineering project is the set of documents generated from the Basic Engineering. These include all the construction details by discipline (Civil, Mechanical, Process, Electric, Telecommunications, Instrumentation and Control, Computer Systems) which must be approved for construction. This process serves to provide a closed project cost estimate. The objective of STE ENGOPHARM is to offer an engineering project result without deviations in time and cost.  

The documentation of the detailed engineering project:
  • Civil Engineering
  • Enclosures
  • Air Conditioning
  • Electricity
  • Compressed Air, Steam, Hot and Cold Water
  • Purified Water
  • Extraction
  • Waste Treatment
  • Special Gases
  • Fire Protection Systems
  • Safety
  • Communications
  • Other Installations

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Project step

Design Project

From your idea, we give a shape to your project.

Confirm the feasibility of working in terms of normative and functional constraints. During this study phase, we usually define the distribution of space, personnel flows, raw materials and packaging materials, finished products and waste. There is also defined the utilities needed in the development of project design such as HVAC classification, air handling ..

Basic Project

We ensure the viability of the project..

Considering all productive basic facets, spaces and equipment needs and description of major facilities.

In this phase, the spaces are adjusted to every need, flows of personnel and equipment are confirmed, classifications and air systems (HVAC) and other facilities needs are envisaged such as purified water (EP WFI), steam air, electricity and other fluids.

Detailed project

Detailed development of all sub-projects.

At this stage, we develop the details of each system in terms of quality, time and cost, adjusting the real needs of pharmaceutical production processes. The result leads directly to the execution of estimates and proposals without needing subsequent studies. From the quality of the project working depends successful installation.


Executive project

We perform the execution of the project through the development of an implementation project and adjusted quantitative slip to the reality of each installation and sub project.
Plans and documentary record of the installations as executed are delivered to customer

Qualification and Calibration DQ IQ OQ

  • Our team of technicians is specialized in qualification of critical facilities (HVAC, compressed air, treated water, production facilities, climatic chambers and laminar flows).
  • Calibration Measuring elements (T, P, RH).
  • Validation of computerized systems in accordance with 21 CFR Part 1.
  • Editorial approvable execution protocols by the customer in all languages.
  • Delivery of report of qualification services performed

Commissioning and start up

Our team of expertized technicians provides start-up services and technical training according to the needs of our customers.

  • Cleanrooms Mounting
  • Mounting of Facilities HVAC
  • Mechanical installations 
  • Process Equipment 
  • Assistance Remote via IP
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