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We feel very lucky to say after more than 42 years working in clean room environments within the STE Group, we formalize a new independent division specialized in hygienic modular architecture, with the trademark SICH CLEANROOMS.

SICH CLEANROOMS is committed to the design and own production of the elements that make up the architecture of the room, based on the knowledge and experience acquired in the group's trajectory. With their qualified team, they will be able to advise with the best attention.

In the SICH CLEANROOMS products line you will find; doors, luminaires, panels, windows, locks, passbox and the rest of the necessary products to create a...

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STE Engipharm sponsors a unique book


STE Engipharm sponsors a unique book for the pharmaceutical industry written by the prestigious Jordi Botet.

“Pharmaceutical total quality” is a guide for the interpretation and application of the quality standards 21st century, practical and didactic mode, with an aplicable mechanism for all the value chain of a pharma process: personal, installations, equipment and documentation.

If you are interested in the pharmaceutical industry this book will be utility for you.

Save the date! June 17 Jordi Botet will be online explaining the book in a free webinar!


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We present our new offices of the Andina subsidiary, in Cali, Colombia.

It is very important for us to offer a good service to our clients and that is why we constantly invest to improve it. We want to be closer and strengthen our relationships, for this with our local team we contribute:

- LOGISTICAL SUPPORT WITH WAREHOUSE IN CALI> Agility in supplies (local and international), reduction of times and transport.

- COMMERCIAL PREMISES SUPPORT> Attention in your time slot.

- EXECUTIVE SUPPORT> Specialized local technicians.

- ECONOMIC / FISCAL SUPPORT> Ease of local billing, lower rates and nationalization costs.


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New beta-lactam plant in Rwanda


We started a new project for one of our loyal customers Cooper Pharma (East Africa). It is a plant where beta-lactam antibiotics will be manufactured in dry form, in order to improve access to quality medicine at affordable prices for all audiences. It will be located in Kigali, Rwanda and STE Engipharm has designed the cleanroom architectural installations and HVAC, will supply the materials and supervise the work. It will be ready by the end of the year.

We will show you the result!...

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Andina subsidiary local team


Our philosophy is to give the best service to our customers wherever we are. We know that the key is to strengthen our subsidiaries to accompany our clients in the different phases of these projects. That is why we expanded the structure with the local team of the Andina subsidiary.

We have selected local professionals to offer a quality service and proximity to the customer, to be more competitive, and to be able to cooperate with the countries in which we are going to carry out these projects.

After more than 8 years working in the LATAM area, we have managed, thanks to our clients, to have a robust structure to be able to offer what we do best: to be their...

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